Well, I figure the best way to start this is with a quick about me. I was introduced to shooting at a fairly young age. Soon after I got firearms safety down, I shot competitively for several years. Then life hit and I had to get a real job. Still to this day, I am passionate about shooting sports. I also get bored easily. I decided that I needed a winter hobby, as I can’t shoot at night (all the time) or indoors (Wife wouldn’t want another hole in the wall {wife, if you’re reading this I am kidding}). This is why I am here… Writing random nonsense about shooting airguns.

Last June, a coworker and I were eating lunch at a local diner. Little did I know the lunchtime conversation would plant a dark little seed. One particular coworker and I had two things in common- we shot air rifles every day, and we watched “Ted’s Holdover” regularly. Within the next few weeks we made a pact to “buy sweet air rifles.” He had a little more play money than I. He went all out with a Daystate Huntsman .22 PreCharged Pneumatic, complete with a 8-24x Vortex scope and a scuba tank he modified himself. I did about a month’s worth a research before finally committing to a Crosman 2400 I would eventually convert to a PCP. After comparing his rifle to my converted rifle, I decided I needed a more capable rifle. After about another 3 months of research and intensive money management, I ordered an Airforce Condor SS in .22. That rifle has me beyond hooked.

I have done countless hours of research and experimentation and plan of doing a whole lot more. I want become a more educated shooter, and share what I have learned with others.