AirForce Condor SS .22, Leapers 3-12X44, and Hill pump

As I stated earlier, I had a hard time picking out my last rifle. I knew it would be a  suppressed .22 PCP. Other than that, I really had no preference.

Like countless others, I was stuck between a Benjamin Marauder and an AirForce Condor SS. The Marauder was cheaper, easier to fill, and was a repeater. Many reviews on the Marauder said it had accuracy issues in .22 cal. The Condor was quite a bit more expensive than the Marauder, was a single shot, and had a huge tank to fill. On the other hand, it was highly adjustable and featured a match grade barrel. I eventually broke down and ordered the AirForce Condor SS .22 (Blue finish) from Pyramyd Air. I feel like I made the right choice, as it will send a pellet exactly where I want it. Pyramyd Air is a great company to deal with by the way. I order all my stuff from them. The rifle also has a Phillips Pellet Holder. It is strapped to the bottle and holds 16 pellets for faster reloads. It is a must have. I’ll do a thorough review of the rifle at a later date

I already had a pump from a previous rifle. It was a $100 Chinese pump rated for 4000 Psi. It did the job filling the rifle. It also accumulated condensation. The thought of filling my air bottle with water and dust molecules scared me to death. Every pump stroke I felt like I was slowly killing my rifle. So I saved for a Hill MK4 hand pump. It’s well engineered, has a moisture removing system, requires a little less effort to fill, and breaks down to fit in my gun case for travel. I don’t like the idea of using a scuba tank to fill a rifle, as you have to drive an hour away to get more air. Many people complain that the AirForce rifles are too hard to fill up with a pump. This is not true. I weigh 150lbs and have no problem filling the rifle to 3000psi. With the MK4 I don’t break a sweat. The Chinese pump was a different story. The key is to top off after about 10-15 shots.

I also had a scope laying around from another rifle. It was a CenterPoint 3-9X32 mil dot fixed paralax. The scope did not reveal the potential of the rifle. I needed something with adjustable paralax, higher magnification, and target turrets. I selected a Leapers Accushot 3-12X44. 3-12 may seem like a relatively low magnification for a precision rifle, but too much zoom is a problem when you only have a few seconds to locate and shoot your target. It’s a great scope for the money, and I’ll probably go more in depth with it later.

I carry all this in a cheap Plano 2 gun case. It holds the gun (naturally) the pump (as stated above), pellets, and tools for the gun if I need them.

I also have a “go bag” for hunting and research shooting sessions. Inside is a Leupold RX-I rangefinder, Caldwell wind meter, Sharpie, notepad and pen (more on the notepad later). The RX-I is a good rangefinder, but if you have the choice get one that will compensate for angles.

I have Hawke’s Chairgun app on my phone. It is a ballistics calculator specifically for airguns. Believe it or not, it’s gives accurate data. It’s good to have in case you’re seting up for a long shot in the wind, have multiple setups for the same rifle, or just setting up your rifle for the first time. I’ll may do a how to in the future.

As far as what pellets I use, I have several I shoot and don’t have a particular prefrence to date. In my rifle everything I have tried has works reasonably well (I haven’t tried too many though). I will be thoroughly testing out several in the future and will keep you posted on my results.