Crosman hollow points at 25 yds. About a 3/8″ 3 shot group.

The rule of thumb for hunting accuracy is any distance where you can put any group within one inch. That being said, sometimes your target may be smaller than an inch. How many times have you been squirrel hunting and had one with half of his head behind the tree? Do you take the shot? Can you even hit the shot? Patients, discipline, constant practice and careful testing will build confidence for taking those tough shots. Keep in mind that any shot from a bench rest on paper will be easier than a shot in the field.

In a nutshell, your maximum range may be over 100 yards. It may be only 25 yards. All that is required is you know exactly where your pellet will land regardless of distance, angle or wind. Sometimes angles will be your greatest enemy… More on that later.

Crosman 2400 with Crosman Hollow points. I was measuring head size and weighing pellets in an attempt to get the gun to shoot at 40 yards. Unfortunately with CPHP’s it just wont do it.