Easy doping is not just for heroin addicts any more. With Pneumatic Detonation’s latest greatest patent pending life changing invention, you, your friends and even your children can now dope more easily. I would like to present to you (drumroll) “Pneumatic Detonation Hands Free Ballistic Field Calculator utilizing real life Gravitational Pull Powered by the Earth you live on.”


Also known as a golf ball on a string.

So why revere it instead of killing it with fire?

There are oh so many reasons to put this target on a top-flight pedestal (you shoot at it BTW). 1- It is indestructible. 2- It is the size your quarry’s vitals (sparrow body, starling chest, squirrel/ rabbit head, crow head, fox/bobcat/coyote brain {see footnote}). 3- It’s portable and indestructible. The one in the photo is the takedown model.

How to make it

Yes even the most incapable human being can fabricate this majestic piece of high speed engineering. You simply… DRILL A HOLE THROUGH A GOLF BALL AND SUSPEND IT FROM A STRING. See? Only one step.

How to use it

Place it in the ground at varying distances. Shoot and adjust your holdover until you can consistently hit the target. Easily find your adjustment to make a shot in the field.


This tip, while handy, will only get you close to your holdover. Air rifles kill with precision. It’s not about being able to hit the golf ball, it’s about cutting the string. I have based holdover’s from this tip, and found their results were not accurate enough for clean kill shots.