H&N Rabbit Magnum Power .22 25.77gr BC0.039

A friend and I were about to partake in a coyote hunting trip with our air rifles. I have never used an air rifle for coyotes, so I needed something that was as accurate but could penetrate as well. I had read poor reviews of the pellet but decided to try them anyways. The pellet is quite unique that it is copper plated and is cylindrical instead of the typical diabolo design. Copper plating eliminates lead fouling (not a huge concern with airguns). The cylindrical design worried me, as it has less drag. The higher drag of diabolo pellets stabilizes them to increase accuracy.

Since the pellet is on the heavy side, I filled the rifle to 3000psi and planned on shooting it from 6 to 8 on the power wheel and shot it at 25 yards. The pellets are a VERY tight fit into the chamber. The results are below:

PW6- 0.55″ PW7 0.955″ PW8 1.14″

While the 25 yard group was OK for many air rifles, it is not to my standards, so I did some more adjusting:

PW5 0.8″ PW10????

I shot the rifle with a reduced hammer spring tension thinking it would perhaps shoot better at a slower speed. It did not. I had another thought. Perhaps the low drag cylindrical design would shoot fair at supersonic speeds and cranked the power wheel to 10. The first and third shot were within a half inch. But what happened to shot #2? It went to the right and high somewhere. There was another 6 inches of target it could’ve hit, and it didn’t. It also didn’t break the sound barrier. Perhaps it will be revisited in the future. I decided to shoot the rifle at PW 6 at 2700psi.

The pellet was shot over the chronograph 16 times from 2700psi to 2000psi: 879,892,878,885,887,887,884,880,891,878,875,874,871,865,882,865. The average was 879 giving 43.7fpe at the muzzle. The numbers are very tight, minus the last few. Here’s Chairgun’s interpretation of the setup:


The rifle was refilled and fired at 50 yards.

50 yds 2.4″ left and 2.24″ right

The groups were consistent, and the size was too large for me to comfortably use. But as promised I shot the rifle several times at 100 yards. The results are below:

Note the absence of a photograph

The target was 2’X2′. #1 hold was center on the bull. Shot dropped 4 Mil. Held 4 Mil on bull. Heard a ricochet and saw grass move high. Held 2.5 Mil high and shot several times. I saw weeds move to the left, right, low… everywhere except the target. I won’t be using this anytime soon.

I continued with a terminal ballistic test with a 2X2X3 sculptor’s wax block shot at 25 yards.


The entry hole was 0.5″ in diameter with a 0.25″ exit hole. The fact that it did exit is pretty neat, as the media is harder than actual tissue. I cut the block in half to examine the wound channel:


The first 1.5″ was about 0.5″ and it gradually narrowed as it exited. Note at the 2″ mark rifling transfer on the wax and the pellet slightly turned.

This pellet-in this rifle-with the settings I’ve used, is really only useful when maximum penetration is needed and shots are under 25 yards.


Airforce Condor SS .22

H&N Rabbit Magnum Power

PW 6 @ 2700psi