I had long heard of the Baracuda/Kodiak reputation of being a producer of fine accuracy in Airforce rifles. When I made my last pellet purchase, I made sure to get only the best tin… in theory.

25 yard test
The rifle was filled to 2850psi and shot from 8 down to 3 on the power wheel:


At PW8, the smallest group was achieved. It also made the presupersonic scream indicating high speed and appeared to use almost 50psi of air per shot.

Side note
I don’t like high pressure setups. In my stubbornness, I decided to fiddle with the rifle and used a PW 5:8 at 2600psi and tried it at 50 and 100 yards. The results are to squirrely to show, but rest assured they were less than match grade. It was after the 100 yard test debrief that I realized the pellet appeared to shoot better at high speeds. The rifle was filled to 3000psi and shot at PW 8 at 50 yards. Once again, groups were embarrassingly large for an advertised match pellet.

I’ve tried a mid pressure setup with poor results. I’ve tried a high pressure setup that also stank with the retched stink of failure. Before I threw in the towel, I used a low pressure fill. I shot the rifle at 2300psi @PW1… my last hope for accuracy salvation.

25 yards
My first sub MOA group at 25 yards. Granted, this was the best group, but the rest weren’t too shabby either. Hopefully I can continue this sub MOA run…

50 yards
Nope. This was the best group at 0.8″. Still not bad, but I was hoping for better.

100 yards
This was the absolute best group at about 7″. About half of the 3 shot groups had at least one pellet that entirely missed the paper.

The numbers were bouncing around until it went below 2250psi.

Terminal Ballistic Test
The pellet penetrated completely and left a long narrow cavity.

Post test observations
When the pellet is loaded, it will not go straight in, it cants itself to fit. I don’t know if that had anything to do with its accuracy. I shot it at 110 yards to get rid of what I had left and noticed something interesting. The lighting was just right and allowed me to witness the pellets in flight. Until it went below 2250psi every pellet flew wildly out of control in a 3inch circle. When it did this, the effect of the wind seemed to double. Under 2250psi 1 out of 3 would do this.

As I am writing this, I’m relieved this hellish test is over. Any other pellet, I’d just say it was crap and move on, but this pellet was branded as match quality. Kinda fell short of their claim. Of course I’ll still test the kodiaks and more baracudas; however I won’t be shooting these again anytime soon.

Airforce Condor SS .22
H&N Baracuda Match
PW 1:10 @2250psi