After shooting the Eunjin 32gr. I ordered the dome 28.5gr to see if they could shoot equally well in condorliza. These pellets are quite long and are extremely difficult to load. By extremely difficult, I mean lip biting, body weight shoving, minor injury causing difficulty. That alone turned me off.

25 yard accuracy


After fiddling with the power wheel I obtained a sub moa group with PW 4:8 @ 2700psi. This setup was selected for further testing.

50 yard accuracy


Accuracy went to hell. The best group was about 3/4″ with most just over 1″

100 yard accuracy


After the 50 yard groups, the 100 yard test surprised me. The average size was about 2″ and it was easy to get these groupings.

Terminal ballistics


Complete pass through of the wax block. Widest portion of the cavity was 5/8″



Good tight numbers with high energy

After shooting the 32gr Eunjin pellets and witnessing their accuracy, I was hopeful shooting these pellets. They did not deliver the same sort of accuracy. In retrospect, they did shoot fair. Perhaps of I had more pellets I could have demonstrated better accuracy. I don’t believe that though. I do think the pellet head size had something to do with the accuracy.

Airforce Condor SS .22
Eunjin Dome 28.5gr
2700psi PW 4:8