There are many commercially available paper targets available to you the consumer. Some look like zombies, some are official targets, and some change colors like bludgeoned rainbows. All these options, while immensely handy, confuse weary customers.

You ask,

Pneumatic detonation, which overpriced piece of paper is right for me?

I’m glad you asked, confused consumer,  because today I am going to offer you our latest greatest life changing invention available to you at your nearest sundry purveyor.

I present to you *drumroll*

The pneumatic detonation’s precision air gun sniper legitimizer 3000 mark 1…..


1/4 graphing paper!

“I’m still confused”

That’s unfortunate.

The 1/4 graphing paper works hand in hand with a minute of angle scope. Most scopes use 1/4 moa click…which equals about 1/4 inch at 100 yards.

So… using math your high school teacher said you’d need in real life we can determine the following:

1 minute of angle is .25″ at 25 yards,  .5″ at 50, .75 at 75 yards, and 1″ at 100 yards.

If only there was a target available to reflect these measurements…


“Woah! That’s incredible!”

This target is redicilously helpful when adjusting your scope. Without it, you are only estimating the number of clicks. With it, you will now make an educated estimate for the correct number of clicks.

You’d be surprised how well this really works.