My last pellet order was 4 tins of 21gr H&N baracudas and Beeman kodiaks. I tested the baracuda match previously and was terribly unimpressed with the results, so I went on and ordered $40 worth of a similar product to see if I could get better results. Pretty sure that’s the definition of insanity, but oh well.

I’ll give you one guess on which one was chosen first for testing.

25 yard accuracy
I shot at 12 different targets with many different setups. That was almost the entire tin. Disappointed, I settled for PW 3:8 at 2500psi…


Sub moa, yes, but most groups were inconsistent in pattern and around half an inch. Then something mysteriously majestic happened….

50 yard accuracy


I only shot (3) 3 shot groups. Two were sub minute of angle. The one in the photo was slightly better than the other. Why does it shoot better at 50 yards than 25 yards? I think I have an idea, but for now I’ll blame it on magic. With this accuracy, I was eager to try a 100 yard shot…

100 yard accuracy


It took a while to find my hold, but once I did, 2″ groups were easy. Not perfect, but still great shooting.

There was a technical issue with my phone, so I don’t have the data. The average speed was about 915fps, yeilding about 39fpe.

Clay test


I was surprised by the result of the clay test, the cavity created was about 7/16″. This is the narrowest chanel I’ve seen in any pellet. I can’t prove it, but I think the cause is the hard copper plating which doesn’t deform on impact.

This pellet really surprised me with its long range performance. It’s not the best overall by any means, but is still a great pellet. Glad I bought these.


Crow purple heart at 93 yards. My longest hit to date.

Airforce Condor SS .22
Beeman Kodiak Copper 21.12gr
PW 3:8 @ 2500psi