I’m blessed with a nice walking trail around my house. Plenty of white oak, hickory and squirrles. The problem is when the mast crop is on the ground or depleted, the squirrles are harder to find. I needed squirrel feeders. Problem is I’m tight with money and I lack the motivation to make a dozen nice ones. Here’s what I came up with.


Item list:
3+” nails
Fence staples

How to

Start by putting the staple in the tree high enough the deer can’t get to it. Once the staple is close to the bark put 2 nails in (point towards the sky). Hammer the staple in as deep as you can. Bend the nails down to a 45° angle.


Insert corn.


I use 2 nails because they seem to hold the corn in place a little better than one. And 2 supports the squirrel a little better than one.

While it may not be the best design, it does work, and it’s practically free. Try it out for yourself.