This has nothing to do with my usual topic air rifles, but there is some helpful advise I want to pass along to you concerning these little brown parasites.

A few years back,  some co workers were talking about how there was no good way to get turkey lice of their body. As I spent every waking moment outside, I had a great remedy for the situation. Once I told them, they gave my a funny look and asked if I was serious. As a heart attack.

Turkey lice, chiggers, seed ticks, and the like.
Regardless what you call them, they are the itty bitty teeny tiny ticks that swarm by the hundreds. Removing them by hand sucks. You can spend an hour going over your body, inevitably missing some, or try something different.


Start by rubbing Listerine over your entire body. Let it set for a few minutes while the alcohol evaporates. Then use strips of duct tape to pick off as many as you like. When the ticks get hard to pull off, get new tape. As crazy as mouthwash sounds, I stand by it. Listerine is key. Good for gums, bad for ticks.

Deer ticks, dog ticks and such.
These guys are the .177 caliber sized guys. Brown, resilient, and tough to put down.

You disrobe and discover a few crawling around. You pick them off and have a hard time actually killing them. What do you do?

I keep a bottle cap in the bathroom filled with….Listerine. Drop them in and they can’t climb out. Soon they drown (or get alcohol poisoning, never conducted an autopsy on one). Added bonus, it’s less smelled than burning them with a lighter.