A good friend of mine recently donated a test kit of H&N Hornets on the contingency that I do a thorough review. The hornet is H&N’s answer to the Predator Metalmag. Or maybe its the other way around… Anyways, H&N indicates the 16gr pellet delivers energy while simultaneously offering penetration. I’m grateful for the gift as these pellets aren’t cheap, but are they worth the price? Let us find out.

25 yards 

50 yards

The group size opened up more than expected, but it’s still small enough for government work.



Libertarian Undertones.

100 yards

Every group was about this size and for this range, that is above average. Especially interesting, as expanding pellets are not typically expected to be accurate.

Terminal ballistics 

This is the tingly moment I’ve been creamily waiting for (too much?). I’ve watched tons of videos on the Polymag and witnessed their devastation. I was expecting to the H&N’s to do the same.

I wanted to see my little clay block vaporize. Then this happened:

Not what I was expecting at 25 yards. The wound channel indicates an energy transfer then a rapid deceleration, but there was no pellet to recover and examine.
So I decided the best way to recover a pellet was to shoot a half gallon milk jug at 100 yards. I wanted that milk jug explode. Then this happened:

Not only did it not explode, every pellet exited completely without leaving any lead fragments. Fairly impressive penetration considering the distance and target composition.

Then I shot the clay block with a towel behind it to arrest the pellet. After a few tries (and passthroughs) I finally recovered one:

Sheared off the head. Also note the bent tip. Every clay block shot indicated the pellet had yawed. The bent tip was the cause of that.

Granted, these tests are not 100% accurate representations of the pellets performance in field settings, but give you an idea what it can do. For any pellet that advertises expansion a top concern is accuracy. With this pellet, in my rifle, using my setup, accuracy is not an issue. Squirrel season opens up in a few days, and I plan on using this pellet for at least one to report its actual terminal effect.

Airforce Condor SS. 22 

H&N Hornet

PW 4 : 5 @ 2500psi