After several unsuccessful attempts, I was running low on Hornets. It seemed as if the field test of these pellets was not going to happen. With only 6 pellets left, I set out for victory.

I spotted 2 cutting hickory nuts. Quickly, I took aim and launched a lead rocket towards the squirrel’s head. No impact, no reaction. He continued about his business as if nothing ever happened. Gotta love suppressed PCP rifles. I reloaded and fired once more. No impact. He jumped onto another limb for another shot and a miss.

Time to reevaluate.  I ranged the spot above at 40 yards on the nose (I incorrectly and grossly underestimated a 25 yard distance- from 25 to 50 I will shoot high). Then I went to Chairgun for an to find an angle (24 degrees) and referred to Strelok for a shooting solution. Using terms like “shooting solution” sounds like overkill for popping tree rats with a “BB gun”, but I owe it to the critter to make a good shot. Also, it’s apparently the only way to hit your target. Maybe I need a new zero distance, where the pellet meets the crosshair and does not go over. Oh well, going off track. Shortly he returned. Down 2.5 MOA. Trust the data.

Very soft impact. No earth shattering “whack”. Instant kill.

Pellet entered the shoulder and traveled through to the opposing side.

I located the pellet underneath the skin.

Pellet took out the top of the lungs, cut spinal cord (most harmful event),  and sliced through several ribs. Quite a bit of damage. Most bloodshot squirrel corpse I’ve seen with an airgun- Indicating energy transfer.

Here’s the recovered pellet. It did expand more than I expected. Honestly, based on the other tests, which were denser than live tissue, I expected to see a complete pass through with minimal damage. Pleasantly surprised with the H&N Hornet’s performance.