You’ve selected a fine .25 caliber pcp air rifle, donned your camo, snuck through a hardwood forest with a dozen mast bearing trees, saw a limb shake, and successfully stalked your quarry. Finally, you have a clear shot. You shoulder your weapon, take a rest on a tree and take aim.

But where do you want to hit?

Depends on your firearm preference. For a shotgun, you should aim for the head under 25 yards. Over 25 yards, the shot pattern will spread to a size larger than the squirrel. Aim center mass:

Drew that myself.

A .22 long rifle has more energy than an air rifle, so it doesn’t require as much precision. 

Aim for the eye. It’s easy to find, will give a quick kill, and will not ruin meat (unless you like squirrel brain-it’s a real thing). Also note that the kill zone for a head and body shot is about the same. 

As I mentioned earlier, air rifles require more precision. 

Between the eye and ear is the best shot.

I’ve been using this body shot a lot lately as well. Seems to do well, and appears to be more forgiving than a head shot. Downside is it ruins meat if a bone is hit.