You have selected a fine .25 caliber pcp rifle, donned your camo, snuck through a hardwood forest with a dozen mast bearing trees, saw a limb shake, stalked your quarry, took a rest from a nearby tree, and sent a pellet directly between the squirrles eye and ear. Instant kill. 

Now what?

Some call squirrles pest animals. Others know they are fine table fare and have a surprising amount of lean meat. If you plan on eating them, you have to skin them. It’s way easier than it looks. I want to add the final step is something only I do (that I know).

Start with a good, sharp knife. I use an Opinel. It’s razor sharp(literally) and has a thin blade for precision filleting. Here we go…

Start by making an incision between the tail and anus.

Then cut through the tailbone without cutting through the skin. Then widen the cut down the back and around the hips a bit. 

Step on the tail and grab the hind legs. 

Pull up.

There will be a triangle patch of fur on the abdomen.

Grab it and pull up.

Snap the legs at their smallest point and cut them off. Then remove the head.

The squirrel is now skinned. To remove the entrails, make a small cut where the pelvis and abdomen meet. Stick the tip of the blade in and slice up ensuring the stomach is not cut open.

Once open, grab the diaphragm and pull down.

Now we wash it.

Most people stop here, but I like to debone the finished product (kind of). More meat, less bone.

Cut the skin on abdomen just behind the rib cage.
 Then fillet down the spine.

Cut the meat off the pelvis.

1 finished quarter. Do the same on the other side.

Once that is done, put your finger in the armpit. Fillet the meat off the rib cage.

Work your way back towards the front. Slice off the pectoral muscle.

At this point, simply twist off the front arm. Do the same to the other side.

Here’s the finished product. Mostly meat, very few bones.

Put the meat in a freezer bag with water. Squeeze the air out. Freeze until you’re ready to cook.