As we continue the hunting pellet series, we enter the dark shadowy world that is the H&N Crow Magnum. I have tested the Beeman Crow Magnum, and it gave fair accuracy-for hunting standards. But I am a firm believer Beeman pellets shoot better than H&N (even thought Beeman are manufactured by H&N). This review will confirm such.

I tried several settings on the rifle. None produced sub moa accuracy. I will add that weighing the pellets did shrink groups substantially. Worth buying a digital scale.

I don’t want my readers to be in suspense any longer. Accuracy sucked. Details below. 

25 yard accuracy 

Best group 0.29 Avg .42

50 yard inaccuracy 

Best group by far. Average was around 1.5″. No telling where they would hit. Saw one curveballing mid flight.

100 yard accuracy 

Why not continue the disappointment. Average size was about 5″. On the bright side I could hit the paper every time. That’s a plus right?

This is obviously not a match grade pellet. This is a hunting pellet. It’s super nasty hollow cavity is made for crow appropriated destruction. Here’s the exciting part of the test…

I shot a grape juice bottle filled with water at 100 yards. Granted, the plastic was thicker than my traditonal milk jug, but Condorliza is blind with high velocity lead slinging, republican rage.

Zero penetration.  Put a hell of a dent in the jug repeatedly, but no violent dihydrogen monoxide kenetic energy induced evaporation. 

So I shot it at 60 yards

No remarkable expansion here. What I expect to see on critters. 

Then I shot my clay block at 25 yards

Wollered out. Nastiest hole I’ve seen in a while. Check that-ever. Creaming with nasty. Makes the inaccuracy a little more bearable.

You can only venture about 2.5″ into the wollered out abyss. Note the pellet has clay creaming from the center. The center of the pellet popped out during expansion and created a donut shaped squirrel reaper.

Perfect ‘shroom. Perfect for wollerin’.

Let’s end the anti technical creamy nastiness with some exciting chronographic data.

Created: 09-01-2016 05:34:17 PM
Description: H&N CrowMag 2500psi 4:5
Notes 1: 
Notes 2: 
Distance to Chrono (FT): 3.00
Ballistic Coefficient: 0.025
Bullet Weight (gr): 18.200
Altitude (FT): 0.0
Temp: 79 °F
BP: 29.96 inHG
#     FPS        FT-LBS     PF
14    1002       40.58      18.24     
13    995        40.02      18.11     
12    999        40.34      18.18     
11    1000       40.42      18.20     
10    990        39.61      18.02     
9     1008       41.07      18.35     
8     989        39.53      18.00     
7     988        39.45      17.98     
6     975        38.42      17.75     
5     976        38.50      17.76     
4     981        38.90      17.85     
3     975        38.42      17.75     
2     975        38.42      17.75     
1     951        36.56      17.31     
Average: 986.00
StdDev: 15.01
Min: 951
Max: 1008
Spread: 57
True MV: 999.51
Shots/sec: 0.09
Group Size (IN): 0.00


This pellet is way too inaccurate for me to consider it a good hunting pellet. I will do a field test in the future for the sake of doing so, but nothing can negate the inaccuracy. If for some reason I’m blown away by the field test and fall in love, I’ll stock up on Beeman’s. It did manage to dump all its 40fpe in just a few inches, which is makes it desirable for field testing. I can’t say for sure if it’s beneficial, but that’s why we test. For the data.

 It sure was fun to see the clay get wollered out though. 

Airforce Condor SS .22 

H&N Crow Magnum 18.3

2500psi PW 4 : 5