Finally, the day has come to test the Predator Polymag. I have been creamily yearning for this day since I began my airgun adventure. Fun fact: these pellets are manufactured by JSB and are based on a US design. The pellet tin indicates it is “proven the best hunting pellet made.” Bold claim. Too many variables. “Superior accuracy.” Depends on your standards. Reading their claims is making my BS meter go off the charts. Side note (your own BS meter may go off shortly), Germany (H&N and Beeman come from here) has strict advertising laws and companies can’t make unsupported, fraudulent claims for their products as we often do here is the states. Sorry guys, the Lincoln Town Car won’t make you as sultry as Matthew McConaughey. The German pellet tins only stick to basic scientific facts, such as weight and number of pellets inside. Boring? Perhaps. But do we need all that extra Foo Foo to make us feel better? Maybe if mommy and daddy didn’t show you enough attention. AND ANOTHER THING. Why has no one called these pellets “red rockets.” Rant over [mic drop] [exit stage].

Here comes the accuracy tests. I stuck with my normal setup, because it is the sweetest part of the rifle’s sweet spot. It shoots deliciously, like Matthew McConaughey’s sun kissed golden locks. Or better yet, it shoots “alright alright alright.” Dad joke- sorry guys. 

25 yard accuracy 

50 yard accuracy 

At the 1 inch mark. Suitable accuracy for my hunting standards.

100 yard accuracy 

100 yards is beyond the limits of this pellet.


Created: 09-03-2016 11:50:03 AM
Description: Predator Polymag
Notes 1: 2500psi 4:5
Notes 2: 
Distance to Chrono (FT): 3.00
Ballistic Coefficient: 1.000
Bullet Weight (gr): 16.000
Altitude (FT): 0.0
Temp: N/A
#     FPS        FT-LBS     PF
15    1046       38.88      16.74     
14    981        34.20      15.70     
13    1048       39.03      16.77     
12    1056       39.62      16.90     
11    1029       37.62      16.46     
10    999        35.46      15.98     
9     1032       37.84      16.51     
8     1005       35.89      16.08     
7     995        35.18      15.92     
6     1000       35.53      16.00     
5     989        34.76      15.82     
4     985        34.48      15.76     
3     990        34.83      15.84     
2     1002       35.68      16.03     
1     972        33.57      15.55     
Average: 1008.60
StdDev: 26.67
Min: 972
Max: 1056
Spread: 84
True MV: 1008.94
Shots/sec: 0.13
Group Size (IN): 0.00

And now my font size is jacked up. It’s obvious I’m not a Web page designer. Merely a mediocre shooter and a half wit hack writer with no prospects for his future. Darkness consumes my empty, numb soul. Anyways, it’s shooting much faster than I’d like, but it’s printing ok groups. Let’s move on before we break out the razor blades and copious amounts of hard liquor.

Terminal ballistics 

I shot a juice jug filled with water at 100 yards 

Penetrated, unlike the Crow Magnums, and contorted like a Russian ballet dancer with scoliosis. [Font size no longer jacked up. There is hope after all]

Then I shot the jug twice at 50 yards. 

They hit the jug like a golf ball sized hail stone on your new car-frighteningly hard. The recovered pellets don’t reflect this. “It’d be a lot cooler if it did.”

Then I shot a 2X2X3 sculpting wax block-a more comparable substance to my quarry. My favorite part…

Wollered out. Full blown woller. Deep wide woller. My international readers are probably unaware of the term “woller.” Matter of fact, I wonder if my US readers know the meaning. Oh well. But how far down until the wollerin ceases? 

2.5″ of deep nasty wollering. Comparable to the Crow Magnum. If you read “H&N Crow Magnum vs Squirrel,” you know what that pellet is capable of. Check out the recovered pellet.

Like a dirty bomb for squirrles. I’m sure the Eastern Gray Squirrel Nuclear Disarmament Coalition will resume peace talks in the near future.


For an expanding hunting pellet, it has acceptable accuracy for my standards, which is 1″or better at 50 yards. Accuracy was far from superior as they claim on the tin, but better than other expanding pellets I’ve tested. As far as its “take down punch,” I’d venture to say it has it.

Airforce Condor SS .22 

Predator Polymag 16gr-Airforce

PW 4 : 5 2550psi