This hunt was a little more fun than the last. A storm had passed a few hours before and made the leaves wet. This is the absolute best squirrel hunting scenario. When the squirrels move from limb to limb they are the noisest thing in the woods. The hunter can move silently as they make a stalk. This is why I love squirrel hunting so much. A beautiful marriage of woodsmanship and marksmanship. I silently approached to the area I last saw the bushytail. As I waited to detect movement, I saw the clear outline of a gray squirrel merely 15 yards away. I slowly raised up my rifle. Squirrel took notice and started away. But he made the mistake of hanging around. I judged a 20 yard shot and held about half an inch high to compensate for the rising trajectory. I fired. Soft impact. Once the squirrel was on the ground,  he appeared to be moving. I immediately approached and delivered a finishing shot.

The shot impacted right behind the crosshair. Should’ve held for 25 yards.


Not as much damage as other pellets tested, but the tissue struck didn’t offer much resistance.

Top of the lungs hit and blood shot. Spinal cord cut.
This test didn’t clearly show what this pellet is capable of, so there may be a part 2 coming soon.

Part 2

This was a great hunt. Perfect weather to add. It had just stopped raining. I looked through the undergrowth and saw a bushytail about 75 yards away running down a hickory tree. As I stalked, he was always staying ahead of me or never offered a shot. After tailing him for over 100 yards, I finally had a shot. I held for 25 yards on center of her shoulder. Hit was half an inch lower. Soft impact. The squirrel came off the tree, ran a few yards, and expired.

Pellet entered the right front leg, traveled through the chest cavity, and embedded in the left front leg.

Hole through the top of the heart (most harmful event) and plenty of black goop.

Based on what the internet tells us, this pellet should’ve exploded. More like controlled expansion. This is at about 35 fpe which will be as fast as this pellet should fly. I don’t think they are the best at expansion, but they did expand and shot fair. Not a bad hunting pellet.