Every time I think of purchasing a new scope, I’m always reminded of deer hunting. If I were to guess, I’d say 95% of the deer I’ve shot have been at the lowest magnification setting. But this is not the case with my airguns. 

My dad often says that there are only 2 scope magnifications: “All the way down-and all the way up.” But this is not the case with my airguns.

I ALWAYS keep my airgun scopes set to 5X magnification when walking. The reason is simple. 3X is not enough magnification to make a precise hold. Too much zoom and you can’tfind the target. I have found that a 5X magnification is the best balance in field of view/target acquisition and precise aiming for quick shots. Naturally, if I have the time, I’ll zoom in for an even tighter hold. But time is the key. I also have my holdover/holdunder taped to the side of my rifle for close shots at 5X. 

There is another reason for the 5X resting carry. For a scope set at 100 yard paralax facing a target under 25 yards, 5X will give you the maximum magnification while still providing a clear view of both the reticle and target.