Yet again, I found myself creamily yearning to test a pellet-featured above. Why so happy? Confession time. I hunted with this pellet last fall and remembered it as being accurate and hard hitting; however, I did not actually test it. Now is the time to compare it against the rest.

The sexy as hell design and a lesson in family history.

My dad often tells the story of his very first hunt. He was about 6 years old. He was with his dad in his welding shop-Lightening was his nickname. A rabbit was eating some grass in the yard. Dad and papaw took notice.  Dad was stopped after grabbing great grandad’s Remington 512. Papaw said “use this” and cut an “X” into the nose of the hollowpoint .22 bullet. When dad fired, the rabbit was allegedly beheaded. This pellet shares that same design. I would like to add the nose geometry is similar to a semi-wadcutter bullet. In theory, it will stop in your quarry faster than a pointier projectile.

25 yard accuracy 

Best 0.35 Average 0.5 

Not as accurate as I remembered.

50 yard accuracy 

Best 1.16″ Avg 1.25″ All groups were consistent. The group at the bottom was botched as the pressure wasn’t balanced- see “What is a Pressure Curve”. Still acceptable for my hunting accuracy standards of 1″ at 50 yards.

100 yard accuracy 

Best 2.5″ Average ? Some were around 5″ but I can’t say for sure it’s because of the pellet or the rifle pressure. More testing would provide a definite answer, but I’m kinda apathetic here. I’m not going to shoot tree rats at 100 yards. 


Created: 10-06-2016 05:15:50 PM

Description: H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme

Notes 1: 2550psi

Notes 2: 4:5

Distance to Chrono (FT): 3.00

Ballistic Coefficient: 1.000

Bullet Weight (gr): 19.000

Altitude (FT): 0.0

Temp: 85 °F

BP: 30.02 inHG


#     FPS        FT-LBS     PF

16    996        41.86      18.92     

15    1004       42.53      19.08     

14    969        39.62      18.41     

13    ERROR 2

12    962        39.05      18.28     

11    966        39.38      18.35     

10    975        40.11      18.52     

9     959        38.81      18.22     

8     940        37.28      17.86     

7     949        38.00      18.03     

6     929        36.42      17.65     

5     941        37.36      17.88     

4     927        36.26      17.61     

3     ERROR 3

2     885        33.05      16.82     

1     869        31.86      16.51     

Average: 947.93

StdDev: 37.60

Min: 869

Max: 1004

Spread: 135

True MV: 948.25

Shots/sec: 0.12

Group Size (IN): 0.00

Maybe 2550 psi is too high pressure for the hammer spring tension. Numbers started tightening up at or below 2500psi.

Terminal ballistic tests

I shot a 20 oz bottle filled with water at 60 yards. Complete pass through and the entrance and exit holes were of the same diameter. Then I shot a bottle at 100…

My theory is upon entry, the hollow point was pressed closed rather than opening and produced results similar to a regular dome pellet.

Then I shot a wax block at 25 yards…

Big. Nasty. Hole. Over 1″ in diameter.

Just over 2″ penetration. Should be perfect for squirrles.


This pellet provided hunting grade accuracy with minimal tweaking and appears to be one of the most accurate expanding pellets tested. It also appears to hit very hard. All that’s left is a field test to confirm it’s ability as a suitable hunting pellet.

Airforce Condor SS .22 

H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme 19gr 

PW 4 : 5 @ 25 50psi