I have no idea how to start this article. Writer’s block is a real thing. I need some sort of catchy attention grabber. Shouldn’t every attention grabber be catchy? Anyways…

The squirrel was about 25 yards away, facing me at an angle. I took aim and fired. Solid hard smack. He held on to the tree as best he could, but eventually came down. I quickly followed up with a finishing blow.

I was holding for the area where the neck and shoulder meet. Pellet hit farther back than I intended. Still a fatal hit, but not as effective as I would’ve liked. 

Pellet struck the arm, entered behind the shoulder, hit the bottom of the lungs, went through the diaphragm, cut through the spine, and buried in the skin where my finger is pointing.

Yes, there was some expansion, but I expected a little more. If I were to guess, I’d say the impact with the spine caused most of the expansion/deformation.

Granted the squirrel was hit with a fatal shot and managed to survive for longer than I’d like, but in my experience, there would be a similar result with about any pellet, expanding or not.