About a month ago, I finally  rebuilt my depleted gun fund after acquiring an AK and Glock 10mm. I was just window shopping on Gunbroker when I found a Career 707 air rifle in .22. I already have a couple of .22 airguns. Do I really need another one? Starting bid-$250. But it comes with a hand pump and Bushnell scope. Why not place a harmless bid?

Throughout the next week, I was checking my Gunbroker app about 10 times a day. I wanted this rifle. In the last few moments of the auction, I was engaged in a heated bidding war with another. I had reached the limits of my budget. I placed one last bid-$3 over my budget of $350. I finally had my rifle.

Scope pictured is not the same that came with the rifle. This is a Hawke Air max purchased from a friend for $40 and a box of .223 subsonic ammunition.

The stock has a few dings and the adjustable trigger is incredible stiff. But does it shoot well?

Yep. Crosman Premier 14.3 at 30 yards and without any tuning. I’ll take it any day.

No tuning other than shooting over a chronograph. Shooting hot!

Does it still hold air? I’m not for certain. Day one it appeared to leak out half of the air. After that all seemed well. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase…and I got lucky.

All that being said, I managed to get a superb rifle-with a pump and quality scope-for $350. For my Condor, all that cost $1300. I’ve also saved significantly on other rifles by busing used.  

If you are in the market for a good rifle, check here. The rifle you are searching for may not be there, but it will be there eventually, and likely for a reasonable price.

So if you are interested in upgrading or starting out, check your local pawn shops, yard sales, or online. You will never find that deal if you aren’t looking. But beware, same as used cars, you may be inheriting another’s problem. 

New pcp gun honorable mentions… you get what you pay for.

Benjamin Maximus kit

Benjamin Discovery kit

  •      Both are nice rifles with few features, which saves money. They are simple pcp rifles that will simply work. For around $550 USD, you can be fully equipped and ready to shoot.

Umarex Gauntlet 

  • For $300USD , this rifle has the features of a rifle way beyond its price range. What features? It’s a pcp repeater-THAT’S REGULATED!

FX Streamline 

  • For $1000USD give you the features of a $1500USD rifle. Match barrel and trigger, regulated, high quality build, and clean lines.