Confession time: I write my articles sometimes months in advance. Right now, I’m in the middle of a long range accuracy series (more like “doing a more tedious job testing like I should’ve been  doing all along” series). When I ordered these pellets, the number of helpful reviews were lacking. I decided to go ahead and do a review/test to help others decide if they need to order these… you know you’ll buy them regardless of the outcome. 

Pellets were sorted by weight prior to testing and ranged from 33.3gr to 34.6gr with a majority at 33.8gr

The design 

They are similar to the Eunjin pellets, but are different in a few ways. The skirt is much shallower, the JSB is more streamlined (not necessarily a good thing) , they have more lube than the Eunjin, and they don’t fit nearly as tight as the Eunjin. 

With all this in mind, the pellet reminds me of a cross between the JSB Monster (which had terrible accuracy) and the Eunjin  (which had great accuracy). 

Initial testing

The rifle was filled to 3000 psi and shot at various power levels. PW 6 seemed to offer the best accuracy. 


The setup was shot over a chronograph to find the most consistent pressure/velocity range:

From 2525psi-2200psi (gun manometer reading) I have about 20 shots with a spread of 20fps. The initial test provided fair accuracy, but shot 200 fps slower than peak performance. Average speed about 810 fps delivering 49 fpe.

25 yard accuracy 

9 shots covered by a nickel. No idea what happened with the flyer… other than it’s a flyer.

50 yard accuracy 

Out of 10 shots at 50 yards, 9 hit the paper. The majority grouped at about 3 inches. Much too large for long range shooting with this setup in Condorliza. The 2 that “don’t count”? I readjusted my hold from -1 mil to -0.5 mil. Wind was varying with speed and direction, but I can’t blame the group side on that. The pellets simply went where they wanted too. 

Should I do the 100 yard test in spite of the lackluster 50 yard performance? 

Probably not, but it is part of my testing procedured…

Maybe something spectacular will surprise us…

100 yard accuracy 

Here’s a 10 shot group at 100 yards:

Yep, only 1 hit the paper. The cone of fire was about 3 feet… which correlates to over 30 minutes of angle. Not quite what I’m looking for. 


This low drag pellet was shot at a fairly high speed. The combination of the 2 will usually result in poor accuracy. Maybe if I shot it at a lower velocity, I’d produce smaller groups, but that would defeat the purpose of using it for long range shooting.

Airforce Condor SS .22 

JSB Exact Jumbo Beast 34gr-Airforce

2450 psi PW 6:1

810 fps 49 fpe