I am as excited as ever to report to pellet’s terminal performance. Typically, we are seeing similar results with most pellets. This is different.
The design

This pellet is designed to be a high powered/high energy transferring/wide hole cutting beast. It has a flat point to start. This means it will have a much wider wound channel-regardless of expansion. It has higher energy compared to other pellets tested. If you believe the energy transfer theory, this is good for obvious reasons. Regardless of what you believe on energy transfer, it will penetrate deeper as long as it dosent over expand to redirect the energy flow. Finally, it has a hollow point… not very deep though. All this combined makes for a top notch hunting pellet design. 

The hunt

I had seen a squirrel in the same tree at the same time two days in a row-I set up there. He was a no show.

On the way to the house, I spotted one running off. I went to a seated position. I estimated a 25 yard shot at about 45 degree angle. She was heading down the tree when she stopped for a shot. I held for the shoulder and fired. Loud, hard impact. She clung to the tree for about 5 seconds and fell dead. 

What I found surprised me. This is the entry.

The pellet went higher than I intended and hit much farther back than I’d have liked. I consider this a bad hit, but it did her in quick as a lung shot.

Liver hit was the most harmful event.


And exit.


As far as terminal performance, it creates a large permanent cavity comparable to the Crow Magnum. The only difference is it is more accurate and penetrates deeper. 

This is what I’ve been wanting to see for a while- to demonstrate whether or not an expanding hunting pellets offer and tangible benefits.With a non expanding dome or pointed pellet I would undoubtedly lost this critter.

I may return for a part 2 to gather more data, but I have several other pellets to test before squirrel season draws to a close.