Many of the hunting pellets tested were on the heavy side… not this one. I imagine this will be the lightest hunting pellet of the series. 

I was worried about accuracy, as most of the weight is behind the nose. The nose itself is thin as a wadcutter.

Pellets were sorted prior to testing in .2 grain increments. Weight ranged from 14.0 to 15.o gr with most at 14.5/14.6

25 yard accuracy 

My standard setup of PW 4 : 5 @ 2500 psi produced 2″ groups at 25 yards. I charged the rifle to 3000psi and turned up the power wheel until group size shrank. This isn’t the proper way to set up a rifle, as projectile impact will elevate as bottle pressure/ hammer preload is equalized, but it made small groups. The only bad part was it shot much slower than I’m used to. Best 0.18″ Avg 0.26″. Not bad.

50 yard accuracy 

Pellets impacted 1.5 mil (12x) low, but shot fairly well. Best 0.38″ Avg 1.19″.

100 yard accuracy 

Average sized group 4″. Impacted 7 mil low (12x). Still not terrible.


Shooting slower than I’m used to. Speeds steadily increasing. Gives about 20 fpe.

Terminal ballistic tests 

Rather thin channel.

Just over 2″ penetration.

Nice deformation . 


Well, it was accurate enough for hunting, but its trajectory is less forgiving than I like for hunting. So, I’ll do a field test, and will probably never buy any again.