I as on my way to do some shooting tests when I heard a squirrel barking in the driveway. I snuck through the gravel and located the source about 20 yards away in a white oak. An offhand shot did the trick. Very dead squirrel. As I ran to collect my bounty, a neighbor drove past. I’m sure they saw a crazy guy in a boonie hat with a glock strapped to his belt carrying a blue space gun. On the bright side, the local constabulary did not arrive to investigate. Surely there are stranger events to be witnessed on my street.

Entry between the eye and ear, 1/4 inch low. Complete pass through.

Wide wound channel. 


This pellet was fired at much faster speeds than it should be in my rifle. I believe this pellet is more suitable for low speed expansion. I will attempt a lower energy part 2 in the coming weeks.

As far as performance, that shot with any pellet will give the same results.