Not much for introductions today. Here’s a pellet. Let’s shoot it.

I’m just kidding. I fought with this pellet to get a decent group. It took over half the tin before I came up with a pressure/hammer tension combination that would create accurate groups. The cherry on top was it was my standard setup of 2500psi with the power wheel at 4:5. Here’s how it did:
25 yard accuracy 

Not terribly impressive. I had selected 2 different setting that produced similar accuracy and had a shoot off at 50 yards.

50 yard accuracy 

4:5 @ 2500 psi obviously won out. I have absolutely no idea how accuracy got better. But it did.

100 yard accuracy 

Not perfect, but for what I’ll be doing, this is fine. I can’t forsee shooting at a squirrel 100 yards away. It’s above average as well.


Average velocity is around 950fps which yields a measly 32fpe. Less energy will correlate to less penetration-all else equal. I’m expecting to see this pellet stay inside squirrles. It is shooting much slower than I expected. Larger diameter causing more resistance inside the barrel?

Terminal ballistic test 

About 2.5″ penetration. Wound channel indicates there was expansion in the first 3/4 inch, then it just seemed to penetrate.

The outer ring on the pellet head sheared off, turning the pellet into a cone. But I will reiterate, this is not actual tissue.


After testing and testing, the pellet was able to produce acceptable groups. If I had more pellets, I’d show the trajectory, as it seems to shoot flatter than anything tested thus far. Anyways, stay tuned for a field test as long as I don’t run out of pellets.

UPDATE: I wasted most pellets shooting birds. When it came down to the wire, I didn’t come through for a squirrel test.

Airforce Condor SS . 22 

H&N Terminator 16.4gr 

PW 4 : 5 @ 2 500psi