I’ve always wanted to put a sling on Condorliza. Let’s face it-it’s a heavy rifle. But I never have. Every time I put the 11mm sling adapters in my shopping cart I read the disappointing reviews then remove them. 

Recently, I looked for the perfect sling for my powder burning scout rifle. I never considered slings for anything other than a carry strap, but if the right sling is used properly, it can be used to increase accuracy. I opted for a fast loop style sling for that rifle, but in my research I came across a CW/Ching sling. Supposedly the most stable and fast shooting sling. 

So I made a prototype CW/Ching sling:

Nothing special. 

Here’s how it works:

Slips through support arm. Strap goes as high as possible to increase stability. Pretty simple.

The real question is, does it work?

So I did a test at 25 yards. The target was a 1″ square and number of hits were counted. Setup was CPHP’S 14.3 3000psi PW 1:10.

First was a standard test from the bench:

9/10 with most dead center.

Then I shot from the standing position offhand… as best I could:

2/10 hit the target. Remind me not to shoot offhand at critters. 1 pellet hit about 4″ low.

Then I used the sling:

5/10 on target. Much better!

With airguns, every advantage that gives you better accuracy is a must have, not a nice to have. The total cost is about $4 to make. If you’d like a how-to let me know.

And it doubles as a decent carry strap.

Then I made a nicer version…

Black and blue for my homies.