Ahh yes, yet another hunting pellet. From a design standpoint, there’s nothing special with it. Just a standard looking hunting pellet. I used my standard tuning at power wheel 4:5 at 2500 psi. There was a dramatic upward point of impact shift once the presource hit 2450 psi (about 2″ high at 50 yards).

25 yard accuracy 

Best was 0.28″ with a consistent average at 0.41″

50 yard accuracy 

Best 1.1″ with an average of 1.37″. Too large for my standards.

100 yard accuracy 

Best was about 4″, but this was not normal. Usually only 2/3 would even hit the target.


Tight numbers towards the end of the shot string. Average velocity around 960 giving 37 foot pounds of energy.

Terminal ballistics test

1.5″ penetration and a 3/4″ channel at the widest point. 

Flattened all the way out. Impressive. Remember, this media is denser than tissue and only serves and a test.


I wasn’t terribly pleased with the accuracy or performance with this pellet. 

Airforce Condor SS .22 

H&N Baracuda Hunter 18.2gr

PW4 : 5 @ 2450 psi

960 fps/ 37 fpe