I was filled with disappointment after the numerous failed attempts with the H&N Terminator. Finally, after the tin was empty, it was time I move on. That was the first time I hadn’t completed a field test. Oh well. 

I completed the 25 yard test and zero with the H&N Baracuda Hunters, refilled the rifle, and was walking to my 50-100 yard shooting range. Then I heard a squirrel barking. I began my stalk. After moving, patiently waiting, and repeating I finally saw her going down a tree. The brush was thick. I was precisely shooting between trees and limbs. I checked, rechecked and re rechecked my line of sight to ensure an unobstructed shot. It was going to be a tight fit. 

I held for the shoulder and fired. There was no sound indicating I had hit a twig, but the pellet didn’t seem to hit my target. Finally, a soft, distant impact. Much farther away than anticipated. 

I charged up the hill to recover the squirrel. She had fully expired about 10 yards from where she was shot.

Entry wound in the armpit. Pellet embedded under the skin on the opposing side.

Quarter inch entrance hole.

About a 3/8 exit hole.

You can see where the pellet struck a rib. 

From another angle. Not much expansion, but nevertheless, there was a significant permanent wound channel throughout. With these results, who cares about expansion?