As the expanding pellet series concluded, I decided to treat myself to a pellet that was reportedly the most accurate pellet available-something that would give good accuracy without much adjusting. 

Of course, I was in the middle of the testing process when a shot presented itself. 

I had just woke up and was brushing my teeth when I saw a squirrel in the hickory tree in our pasture. 60 yards. I took a break from morning hygiene to grab Condorliza. I opened the window, and placed a rolled up sweatshirt on the ledge as a rest (read bench rest recoil to see why). I held 1 inch high and squeezed the 1 pound aftermarket trigger as the bushytail chomped on a hickory nut.

Soft pneumatic detonation. 

Long flight time.

The pellet made a distant “whack” and rendered the squirrel lifeless instantly.

Old large male.

Pellet entered the nose, drove through the brain, followed the neck, and stopped in the shoulder. About 2 inches of penetration. 

Quite a bit of deformation. This was caused by the hard skull bones.