Last spring, I tested these pellets and was blown away by the accuracy. With only 110 pellets, there was only so much testing I was able to do… this time, I ordered 2 tins.

I started the test by picking up where I left off-2750 psi with the power wheel on 6


Pardon the scribble… keeping data in order to make a pressure curve.

Average speed about 815 fps giving about 47 fpe. At 2550 psi, I have 18 shots with an extreme spread of 20fps or 11 shots with an extreme spread of 10fps. It takes 2 pumping sessions to refill the rifle.

25 yard accuracy 

10 shots at 25 yards. 0.22″ isn’t bad.

50 yard accuracy 

10 shots at 50 yards easily covered by a dime. I can get used to this. Hopefully this sub MOA streak will be continued at 100 yards…

100 yard accuracy 

In disbelief, I shot several 10 shot groups at 100 yards. Each group was about this size-2 inches, with a few fliers. I tried to blame it on the wind, but it’s not the case. That’s as good as this pellet can do in this rifle. Correction-the pellet dropped 2.25 mil at 12x.

Dope chart

Flat shooting. The pellet does not cross the crosshair, it meets it. Seems to be forgiving in terms of ranging errors. I like it. 

Airforce Condor SS .22

Eunjin Pointed 32gr

255o psi PW6

815 fps/ 47 fpe.