After shooting my AK on a cold rainy day, I went on a gun cleaning spree as I often do. Then I thought about Condorliza. The gun is practically maintenance free. All steel parts are encased in aluminum, but what about the barrel?

Many pellets I use have some form of lubrication. All pellets shoot below the sound barrier so they shouldn’t lead the barrel. Anyhow, I decided to clean the bore… it’ll give me something to write about and it’s been 3000 pellets or so since it’s been cleaned.

Disclaimer: this is not the definite test, merely one example for the reader to examine and come to their own conclusions.

First, I shot a 10 shot 50 yard group.

Group size was about 1.5 inches.

Then, I cleaned the barrel. Bore cleaner on a wire brush, one gentle pass, and cleaned it up with the felt brush. Bright and shiny.

5 pellets were fired to season the barrel.

Then another 10 shot group.

The flier screwed things up. Without it, the group size was right at one inch. With it, about 2″.

I suppose cleaning the bore helped out some. Like I stated earlier, it had been a long time since the barrel had been cleaned, so it was needed maintenance. 

Try it for yourself. Tell me how it worked for you.