As I continued with the long range accuracy series, I retested this pellet, as I felt it had potential for good long range performance. “Felt” is the key word here.


Since I had already narrowed down the power setting, it was time to find the optimal pressure:

From 2400-2200 (gun manometer reading) I have 13 measly shots with an extreme spread of 16fps. Average speed is around 840 fps yeilding about 43fpe.

25 yard accuracy 

The 10 shot group is too large for long range accuracy. I continued the test in hopes for accuracy redemption. 

50 yard accuracy 

About 2 inches at 50 yards. One nice hole with 3 fliers. I don’t think this will be my long range muskrat slaying projectile. Maybe group size will somehow shrink at 100 yards…

100 yard accuracy 

Of course not. 

Airforce Condor SS. 22 

Eunjin Dome 28gr 

4:8 @ 200 psi

840 fps / 43 fpe