The time has finally come to test this rifle’s accuracy potential. I initially purchased this rifle as a project gun, but it turned out to be in great shape and needed little work. Now, it needs to be set up to be a backup for the times when Condorliza is being tested and has unknown accuracy/trajectory. The rifle is semi permenantly set to shoot 14.3 gr pellets. 

Here we go :

14.3 gr/3000psi/ Power Adjuster 

At low power, speeds are acceptable. At higher power speeds are too fast for accuracy. 

Let’s shoot a few pellets…

RWS Super Dome 14.3gr 




23 shots.

Since the Career is imported by RWS, it should shoot them well… in theory.

10 shots, 25 yards… around 3 inches. On to the next.

RWS Super H Point 14.3gr



ES-17 fps

20 shots.

10 shots, 25 yards. About 2 inches… better, but I’ll pass on these.

Crosman Premier Hollow Point 14.3gr 




20 shots.

Confession time. I shot these pellets before the test and know they are accurate, but these pellets are flier filled. Sometimes, they’re dead nuts accurate. Other times, they’ll miss by a foot.

Let’s see how they compare to the RWS pellets:

7 shots in a very small hole, 3 went very astray. OK for plinking, but I’m not satisfied.

JSB Exact Jumbo Express 14.3

When in doubt, shoot JSB.

Shot 1 was fast, and I attributed it to the power adjuster being slightly elevated…make a mental note.




15 shots

Remember the mental note? First shot went high, then all 9 went into a nice cloverleaf pattern.

50 yard accuracy 

10 shots at 50 yards in about 1.5″. Excuse time. When I initially zeroed the 707, it was set to impact 1 dot high at 30 yards. When I re zeroed for 25 yards, it shot about 3 inches low. I dismissed it. When I shot this 50 yard group, the point of impact slowly tracked to the left. I’d love to blame it on the non existent wind, but I think the cause is way more nefarious- a broken scope.

Dope chart.

Hawke Airmax EV 3-9X 

Map 6 reticle.




+   25



|     50