After about a year and a half of testing pellets, I finally managed to do a comparison of the most accurate pellets in Condorliza and now, one must be crowned as the best. 

Of the 20 or so pellets tested, only 4 were deemed eligible for the final test:

Eunjin Pointed 32gr

Eunjin Dome 28gr

JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy 18gr 

Air Arms Field Heavy 18gr 

No sense wasting time, let’s get to it…but first,

A word on tuning.

Airforce rifles come standard with a power adjuster. This is a great feature, but in my experience it only serves as a fine adjuster in terms of power. With most pellets, the rifle was set between 4 and 5 on the power wheel and the fill pressure was just usually between 2500psi and 2200psi. This pressure range was in my opinion too fast for accuracy and too powerful for air efficiency. The only way to fix this (without adjusting the top hat) is to use a high pressure and a low hammer spring tension. This combination will send a 14.3 gr pellet at about  530 fps. Yes, it will shoot at a lower speed, but the point of impact will slowly rise as the pressure in the air cylinder is reduced. Granted, you can adjust your holdover to compensate for this, but one key factor to accuracy is consistency- especially important for long range shooting.  

So the rifle was set to shoot at the peak of its bell curve.

Eunjin Dome 28gr 

25 yards. 10 shots- 0.75 inch.

50 yards 10 shots- 2″

100 yards 10 shots…they all hit the paper at least.

Chronograph indicates:

 13 shots

Extreme spread of 16. 

Hi 847 Low 831.

Air Arms Field Heavy 18gr 

25 yards 10 shots-half an inch

50 yards 10 shots- 1.5″

100 yards 10 shots….again, at least all hit the paper.

Chronograph indicates:

15 shots 

Extreme spread of 20 

960 fps 

JSB Exact Jumbo Heavy 18gr 

25 yards 10 shots- half an inch 

50 yards 10 shots- 1.5 inches

100 yards 10 shots 4 inches. Finally, we have a measurable group. Take out the 1 flier, and the group size is closer to 2 inches. 

Chronograph indicates:

30 shots 

Extreme spread 18 fps

1005 fps

*this data was from when the rifle was newer…I believe the hammer spring hadn’t broken in yet. The data should be closer (or the same) to the Air Arms 18gr data, but it’s all I had saved.

Eunjin Pointed 32gr 

If you’ve been reading along, you probably have already figured out the winner… but check this out. 

25 yards 10 shots 0.22 inches. Sub Moa for 10 shots…. this will work.

50 yards 10 shots right at half an inch. Again, Minute of angle. Delicious. 

100 yards 10 shots. Almost MOA. First 7 shots went into a 1.5″ circle. The other 3? I have no explanation to give. I can’t blame it on the wind or gun pressure. Everything should have worked out. Who knows.

Chronograph indicates:

11 shots 

Extreme spread 10fps.

815 fps

Well, there you have it. To the extent of my testing, the best pellet in my rifle is the Eunjin Dome 32gr at 2500psi with the power wheel set on 6. Phenomenal accuracy, but disappointed in the shot count.