Aah yes, here we have the FX Wildcat in its natural habitat, warming himself in the early morning sun:

 Formerly known only to Sweden, this particular Wildcat swam across the Pacific Ocean to take up residence in southern California. Due to global warming, the unsatisfied Wildcat migrated again to the Eastern United States in search of a more Mediterranean climate.
As the Wildcat mating season has drawn to an end, this tired male is in search of food to regain his strength. Here is a rarely photographed scene of a Wildcat on the hunt for its favorite prey, the Eastern Gray Squirrel:

They have adapted to human encroachment and formed a symbiotic relationship for their survival.

I’ve been watching a lot of Planet Earth lately…such a great show.


At the beginning of 2017, I had saved up a little bit of money with the intention of purchasing a Springfield M1A. Then I had an epiphany: I would shoot that rifle maybe a dozen times per year. I shoot my air rifles every day. Why not purchase a redicilously sweet air rifle instead? I had narrowed my search down to 2 rifles: the FX Streamline and the Air Arms S510. The Streamline is regulated, but was new. No information was available on this gun-I don’t like buying first generation guns, as initial undiscovered defects haven’t been ironed out. The S51o is not regulated, has about 30 shots per fill, but gives time tested accuracy. 

Then, after many weeks of checking Gunbroker, I found a FX Wildcat. 25 for sale at a reasonable price. Like a gift from above, I snagged it without hesitation. 

First impressions 

Gives good shot count in relation to amount of time pumping-over double what I’m used to with the Condor.

Trigger is a crazy light and smooth single stage- a bit long. I don’t particularly like it, as I can’t predict when the pneumatic detonation will occur. But the rifle has the capability to adjust to my preference, which will be done as soon as I find the correct hex key.

Accuracy -TBA

Action is very smooth and no apparent timing issues when cycling the sidelever.


Also, the FX Wildcat has already been given a nickname. 

Panocha Loca

Dedicated to my Hispanic readers.

I’m not sure what it means… I was told it’s Latin for wildcat. I wouldn’t Google it though.