Wildcat pellet testing has begun!

The Wildcat is much simpler to test for accuracy compared to the Condor. It’s regulated (no pressure curve to worry about), and the hammer spring tension is adjusted at the factory. I’m going to leave the rifle alone until I find the best pellet. Then we can get crazy. These tests will be short and sweet.

The rifle was filled to 220 bar and fired over the chronograph for 8 shots. All pellets flew 890-895 fps.

25 yard accuracy 

10 shots, 25 yards, 0.75″

Much larger than expected.

50 yard accuracy 

10 shots, 50 yards, about 1.5″

Still doable, but larger than I hoped for.

100 yard accuracy 

10 shots, 100 yards, about 4 inches. 

Too large to for my expectations. Hopefully this group size will shrink in future tests…geez.


40 yard zero. 2.785″ scope height.

Using a 25 yard zero caused missed shots at mid range due to ranging errors. With a 40 yard zero, I will hit a target from 25-50 yards without any adjustment.
FX Wildcat .25

JSB Exact King 25.4

220 bar

890 fps 45fpe