I suppose Condorliza has time for 1 final test before she gets shipped off. 

I had a thought the other day. The JSB Beast .22 and the JSB King Heavy weigh the same, have similar head shapes, and shoot at about the same speeds in my rifles. The only difference is diameter. Why not do a few comparative tests?

Setups used to follow:

Airforce Condor SS .22, JSB Beast @810 fps (49fpe)

FX Wildcat .25, JSB King Heavy @795 fps (47 fpe)

What do you think we’ll see? Same energy same results? Or maybe it’s different diameter different results?

Book penetration test

Final ripped page with the Beast .22 was page 135.

The book was shot twice with the .25 King Heavies. The first shot ripped all the way through. I decided that due to a flex in the book it allowed for easier ripping. Shot 2 stopped on page 203. I honestly did not expect this result. My belief is the smaller diameter .22 yawed to create more surface area thus stopping the pellet at a more rapid rate. 

In theory, the pellet with smaller diameter should have better penetration, as it has less surface area. 

Wax block test

Beast .22 had a cavity of 5/8″ at its widest point. Yawing is evident at the end of the block.

King Heavy .25 had a 1″ channel at its widest point. Much wider than the .22. Again, yawing is present at the end of the block.

Water bottle test

How about a treat? Come to find, I can embed videos on WordPress. Neato.

Here’s the Beast .22:

And the King Heavy .25:

The results are too close to call. I suppose.