I used the title as clickbait to get you to read this article on my new air rifle scope. GOT YA!

Seriously though, long before I purchased the Wildcat, I wanted a new scope. When I bought the Leapers 3-12x I thought-and still think it is a great all around hunting scope. 3X is a good magnification for 10 yard shots, and 12x is good enough for attempting long shots. But I constantly found myself with the magnification set to 5x, as it’s a good balance between field of view and precision for quick shots in the field. And I had trouble getting a sight picture at 100 yards on small targets.

I needed a 6-24x magnification. 

I initially intended on purchasing a Hawke Air Max 6-24x scope with the SR6 reticle. Great field of view, plenty of holding points for windage and elevation, and a good price.

Then I was introduced to Athlon scopes. I had never heard of this brand. Made in China. Low cost. Had to be terrible, right? 

But it had the features I was looking for.

And it was mil turret adjustment to mil dot reticle. 

And the reticle had “tree style” mil dots.

And it was cheaper.

And it was a first focal plane scope!

First focal plane

What is a first focal plane? Simply put, the reticle grows as magnification increases. With FFP scopes, the mil dot holdover will be exact regardless of the magnification. Incredibly useful. It’s a feature exclusive to $700+ USD scopes.

I bought one.

The Athlon Argos BTR 6-26×50 APMR reticle.

First Impressions 

Field of view is less than I hoped for-a little better than the Leapers, but nowhere near the Hawke.

Turrets have a loose click, and are more difficult to remove than the Leapers, but not a big deal.

Zoom is hard to manipulate, maybe because it’s still new.

Reticle is clear and easy to read, and has precise mil markings for range estimation.

Glass is clear. I wasn’t blown away by the quality, but I didn’t hate it either. Dark image at 24x in low light. 

Paralax adjustment is easy, and range is very accurate-more so than the Leapers.

Granted, this all sounds like it’s a low quality scope. I’m just being critical. 

This scope is amazing. Buy it. For the money, this is the best air rifle scope available.