First off, these pellets don’t quite fit the Wildcat magazine. When you cycle the sidelever, the magazine sometimes pops out. If you put your hand on the magazine when you cycle the rifle, it’ll work fine. Not exactly field friendly. 

But I paid like $10 bucks for the tin, so we’re testing them. I did notice that the pellets had somewhat sheared skirt bases after being cycled through the magazine.


830 fps 47 fpe

25 yard accuracy 

10 shots at about half an inch

50 yard accuracy 

10 shots about 1.5 inches

100 yard accuracy 

8 shots at about 5 inches or so. The target kept falling down-that’s why it’s 8 shots instead of 10. I got tired of walking.

Accuracy wasn’t remarkable… and they won’t cycle. 

Here’s a random photo of my AK. The Wasr John Stamos Edition. Only 3 in the States. The rest went to the Estonian Special forces.