Field Target Trophy. Sounds accurate doesn’t it? Let’s see if it holds up.


5 shots to see how fast they are going:


All over the place. This isn’t good.

25 yard accuracy 

10 shots 25 yards 1.5″. This is terrible.

50 yard accuracy 

10 shots 50 yards 2″ group. Again, terrible.

100 yard accuracy 

10 shots 100 yards. 8 hit paper. Not quite match grade.

Terminal ballistics 

Gaping 1.5″ wide entrance hole. The hit was right of center, causing less resistance compared to a center hit…regardless, this is nasty.

 The little pellet lost most of its steam at the end of the block. I’m confident it wouldn’t have traveled much further.

Post test observations 

I was concerned that the light weight would make the pellet shoot to fast to be accurate…. I imagine a lower speed would result in better accuracy.

The JSB pellets seem to scream as they travel through the air. The FTT have an intermittent scream, indicating to me that the pellets are swirling in flight.