Several months ago, I saw a scope level (anti cant device) for sale on the internet. 

“Are they serious? There’s no way scope canting can effect accuracy to such an extent I need this piece of equipment!”

I finally got around to experimenting.

The experiment

I would shoot (2) 5 shot groups at 25 yards. One would be in perfect alignment. The other group would be canted 45 degrees to the left. I would be aligning the crosshairs with a cross shaped target. Before shooting, the target was leveled.

The results were surprising. Come to find, my rifle was shooting about .25″ to the right. Elevation was dead on. In theory the next group should hit .25″ high and slightly right. 

Not so.

Point of impact was 1.25″ left and .75″ low. 

Very substantial and unexpected point of impact shift. 

There’s a good chance I’ll be purchasing a bubble level for my scope in the near future. I’ve already changed the way I zero my rifle because of this experiment.