Confession time. I’ve been shooting this pellet for quite a while. I haven’t delved into fine tuned accuracy testing with this pellet, but I can already tell the JSB 34gr has exceptional accuracy-more so than any other pellet I’ve tested. 


8 shots were fired to see what velocity was produced:

Avg: 793fps

SD:11 fps

47 fpe 

25 yard accuracy 

8 shots at 0.14″. Less than a minute of angle. Not bad.

50 yard accuracy 

8 shots at 1.1″. Take out the one flier, it’s about 0.75″. Sorting pellets may alleviate this. Not as impressive. 

100 yard accuracy 

8 shots at about 4″. Not good. I will say this. During all shot strings (25, 50, and 100) I never corrected for the 0-1 mph cross wind. In time, as I improve my ability to shoot in the wind, I think the group sizes will shrink.

Terminal ballistics 

1 inch gaping hold through the entirety of the block.

FX Wildcat .25

JSB Exact King Heavy 34gr 

793 fps/47 fpe