When the Wildcat arrived, it came with a couple tins of pellets. Unfortunately, several pellets were deformed in the shipping process. Instead of tossing them aside, I saved them…for some odd reason. Then I saw several sorting devices available for purchase that allow the user to examine the skirt of the pellet. Well, is it worth the money? Do bent skirts cause that much inaccuracy? Surely bent skirts lead to large groups. Or do the skirts flare to fit the barrel when fired? How about a test?

Shoot off!

8 shots, 50 yards. First group with 8 flawless pellets, second group 8 pellets with bent skirts. By bent, I mean BENT! Hardly fit thr magazine bent!

Here’s how the flawless shirts shot at 50 yards:

8 shots just under an inch. Not bad.

Needless to say, these are bent. But are they inaccurate?

Kind of. 8 shots just at 1.5″. Really, not that bad. 

If I were hunting, I’d probably leave the bent pellets at the house. But for plinking, these still shoot better than some flawless pellets of another brand.