It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. My free time has been consumed with the “Glock accuracy project,” building a SDMR clone and Mittleider gardening. Mittleider is the way to go. 

Anyways, these pellets flop around in the magazine (none have fallen out…yet) and they are incredibly dirty. Most pellets had flawed skirts- countersink left a thin ring of lead inside and there was often a bump at the base of the skirt. Other than that, they looked good. The deep skirt gives more forward of center gravity. The FOC gives drag stabilized projectiles greater accuracy. On with the testing.


5 shots to see where we’re at: 870, 868, 862, 868, 872.

25 yard accuracy 

8 shots, 25 yards, just under half an inch. Not impressive. 

50 yard accuracy 

8 shots, 50 yards, 1.6 inches. The 2 shots on the left were honestly bad shots, and I’m too lazy to redo the test. I had perfect wind (which I haven’t had in a month). Take those 2 out, and the group is about 0.74 inches. Again… those 2 hole were because of operator error-not fliers. Not to make excuses (even though I’m about to), but my 50/100 yard bench lacks the rock solid stability needed to demonstrate the rifle’s accuracy. Instead of the rifle and wind being the only factors to demonstrating accuracy, “I” am a significant variable. I hope to correct this in the future.

100 yard accuracy 

8 shots, 100 yards, 3.5 inches. Not bad. 4/8 went into 1 hole. Test hole in the top right was 4.5 mil holdover. A 4 mil hold was used for the 8 following shots. There is serious potential with this pellet, but not in its current state.

Spa treatments 

Due to the tight groups with some inconsistencies and dirty pellets full of slag, I decided to wash, lube, inspect, de-slag, level the base, inspect, and weigh the pellets in an attempt to reduce inconsistencies. This process took forever.

Plenty of lead dust. 

Every other pellet had this ring of lead on the inside.

But did it help?

25 yard accuracy 

Nope. Group size almost doubled.

50 yard accuracy 

Group size is slightly better than the last 50 yard group… but I made good shots and fixed my bench. I use a solid twig to support the back of my rifle. Makes it a but steadier.

5 inches. Take out the flier and it’s closer to 3, but fliers count in group size.

Final recommendations… don’t give these pellets a spa treatment. Somehow sorting ruined this tin. Maybe too much lube? Accidentally overdid the lube.

I will leave you with this.

And then I took these pellets to the killing fields of my grandparents martin houses… purple martin liberation 2.0.

7 kills, 3 misses, shots mostly kept inside 50 yards . 1 male sparrow was left on a martin house….

Once you figure out the wind, the .25 caliber vaporized the little sparrows.


I decided to turn the power down on this pellet for another project-as close to 810 fps as possible. Without stripping the adjustment screw, I was able to send the pellet at 825 fps. The result?

25 yard accuracy 

 Shot 1 went way off course. Shot 2 went slightly high. The rest went into a 0.28″ group. Sadly, fliers count; but the vast majority went into a group tighter than I’ve yet to see.

50 yard accuracy 

Shot 1, way off course. The following 7 went into a 0.9 inch circle.

100 yard accuracy 

7 shots went into a 2.25 inch circle. Shot number 8 missed the paper left.

The lower speed has helped significantly. 

Terminal ballistics 

0.75 inch cavity through the entire length of the block.